Here is a selection of the projects that I am working on or have worked on in the past.


Our latest project that I introduced in a post. Investing is hard yet I believe it’s crucial for our generation to be well-prepared for the future. Curvo aims to make passive investing easy and accessible to European millennials.


I’m also the CTO of Sutori. It’s the app that I’ve spent the most time working on. It’s also the biggest piece of software that I’ve built. It’s currently used by over 1.4 million teachers and students across the world, which is something we’re all proud of!


The back-testing tool for European index investors. Many of the articles on this blog are analyses of my portfolio. For that, I built my own custom back-testing software. Over time, it evolved into something pretty valuable so I released it for others to use.

What If I Lose My 2FA

This project was born out of frustration with losing access to my 2FA-secured accounts after I had to reinstall my phone. It gives the exact information that you need to keep somewhere safe in case you lose your 2FA device. This way you don’t have to waste time visiting your bank and having a notary sign papers, like I did.


In the past, I dabbled around with Ableton and a MIDI controller to make music.