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Although I didn’t intent it from the start, my writing on this blog has focused more and more on investing. I started caring about my financial well-being and investing in 2017, and have been documenting my investment journey:

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Whether you are just starting or you’re already an investor, you’ll probably find some useful information in the following posts.

Furthermore, I wrote a couple of relevant articles on Curvo’s Academy:

Curvo: the easiest way to passively invest

Our generation is facing an uncertain financial future. Our state-funded pension systems are under increasing pressure due to changing demographics and we need to be better prepared financially. But savings accounts are not sufficient. Inflation has been above interest rates since 2008. This means that every year, our savings lose some of their value.

At the same time, investing is hard. You have to define your portfolio, find a broker, figure how taxes work… We’ve been through this ourselves and realised that acquiring this knowledge and skillset take a lot of time, perseverance and a certain confidence in your own capacity for making good decisions. The finance world is intimidating, filled with jargon and full of people who want to separate you from your money.

So me and my co-founder Thomas Ketchell built Curvo: the easiest way for Belgians to passively invest. We take care of all the complexities of investing.

If this piques your interest, find out more on!

Backtest: the backtesting tool for the European index investor

I developed Backtest, the backtesting tool for the European index investor. Use it to gain insight into your portfolio through its performance in the past. As an example, analyze the past performance of my portfolio.

Performance reports between 2018 and 2021

Between 2018 and 2021, I posted the performance reports of my portfolio on a quarterly basis. The regularity gave me the discipline to keep track and get insights.