Portfolio performance report Q2 2020

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My investments as of July 1st 2020


Over the last few months, I’ve been on a quest to simplify my portfolio. The main reason is to reduce broker fees, although there is also an elegance to a simplfer portfolio. I made two changes:

My current portfolio is as follows:

ETF Type Allocation
Xtrackers Global Government Bond EUR Hedged Bonds 18%
iShares Core MSCI World Stocks 72%
Xtrackers MSCI Emerging Markets Stocks 10%

Growth of the portfolio

Portfolio performance as of July 1st 2020.

Portfolio performance as of July 1st 2020.

During the second quarter of 2020, the markets have recovered a little from the coronavirus crisis. The 5.2% loss turned into a modest 6.3% gain. However, I am not too confident about the near future. I think that until there’s a vaccine, governments will have to keep imposing restrictions. These will negatively impact the economies, the effect of which is bound to become visible in the financial markets.

Because of the changes I made to my portfolio, I did not invest more. I am going to make up for this during the third quarter. And because my broker fees are now reduced, I’ll be able to invest more regularly!

My portfolio of index funds is now valued at €35,663.

Performance per asset

Performance per asset in my portfolio as of July 1st 2020.

Performance per asset in my portfolio as of July 1st 2020.

Not much to say here except that the stock markets have recovered fairly well after the hard drop of the corona-crisis.

What I learned this quarter

I learned that it’s important to keep learning (how meta). When I started investing seriously early 2018, I was convinced that my portfolio was a very good one. It was, but it turned out that I could make it even better by simply removing assets. But I figured that out only because I continued to read books and watch videos about investing. Doing my own research through this blog and Backtest is also a great wayfor me to keep learning.